Jose Canseco Ordered To Pay Local Promoter

Boxing promoter Damon Feldman will soon be receiving $6,500 from Jose Conseco after the former major league slugger failed to show up in district court for a suit filed against him.

Along with the upfront payment Canseco has also been ordered to pay all attorney fees and court costs.

Feldman sued the slugger after he failed to show up for a March 26 celebrity boxing match in Hollywood, Fla. a fight which the promoter said he skipped and instead sent his twin brother Ozzie Canseco in his place to fight in front of 125 fans.

The fight wasn’t cancelled until the very last minute when fans realized that Ozzie was in the ring and not his brother.

In his lawsuit Feldman says all money advanced to the former baseball star was to be returned to him if he failed to show for the match, however that cash was never sent back.

Feldman says he only sent Canseco the money ahead of time because he said it was needed urgently for his father’s funeral.

When asked if he will ever see the money he won in the lawsuit his response was simple:

“Probably never.”

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