Paris Hilton Phone Hacker Faces Four Years Behind Bars

A Bristol Community College student who hacked Paris Hilton’s cellphone in 2005 is now facing fresh charges after he was caught breaking into his college’s network as well as a law enforcement computer.

On top of that, 25-year-old Cameron Lacroix from New Bedford is also accused of stealing bank card data from more than 14,000 people. Lacroix faces two counts of computer intrusion as well as one count of access device fraud.

According to the US District Attorney, Lacroix has settled for a plea bargain; after pleading guilty he will serve four years in jail, followed by a further three years of supervised release.

The Paris Hilton phone hacker has previously been charged with 18 counts of computer hacking crimes and already served 11 months in a juvenile detention center.

At that time he was said to be the youngest member of a sophisticated hacking group which had been tied to electronic break-ins at the LesisNexis corporation.

In addition to those charges, Lacroix also pleaded guilty to making at least two bomb threats at local high schools, and of breaking into the records of a telephone company in order to give his friends free Wi-Fi access.

Back in 2005, prosecutors told the Washington Post that Lacroix had already caused in excess of $1 million in damage – and that doesn’t include the latest crimes.

Apart from the Paris Hilton phone hacking charges, Lacroix is also accused of repeatedly hacking into his college’s computer network to change his grades and the grades of his friends.

Due to the sensitive nature of the allegations, and the ongoing investigation, the Department of Justice did not specify which local police department Lacroix hacked into.

At least for now, celebs like Paris Hilton can sleep easier knowing Lacroix has been arrested and is off the streets; he will probably be facing some prison-time for his misdemeanors.

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