Ripley’s Story Not Done as Sigourney Weaver wants Alien 5

Sigourney Weaver feels that her iconic role as Ellen Ripley isn’t done and would like to return to the titular character with an Alien 5. The possibility of a fifth entry into the Alien franchise has been part of fan speculation that was only made more intense after the release of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus which provided fans with a look at the origins of the Xenomorph.

Weaver, 64, has a long and varied acting history but her public notoriety is due in part to the many sci-fi films she has contributed to. Her role as Ellen Ripley in the sequel Aliens, earned her an Academy Award nomination for best actress. After 4 films in the series, the last being Alien: Resurrection, Sigourney Weaver has contributed to the sci-fi genre in other sci-fi movie roles such as Avatar and Wall-E earning her the nickname, “The Sci-Fi Queen”

However Alien 5 would allow Weaver to finish what she says is an incomplete arc for the character. In speaking at the Hero Complex Film Festival,

“Had we done a fifth one, I don’t doubt that her humanity would have prevailed. … “I do feel like there is more story to tell.”

Alien: Resurrection, the last film in the series, closed with Ripley and her fellow survivor Call looking down on Earth as a home they were strangers to. However Weaver stated that a Xenomorph on Earth would not make for a good movie with the alien “popping out of a haystack.”

An Alien 5 movie would also allow for a very topical story consideration with the depiction of corporate greed. “A lot of corporations are still characterised by the same kind of greed [as Weyland-Yutani],” she continued. “It’s an idea that’s, unfortunately, very alive in our world.”

The Alien franchise’s most tenacious antagonist, aside from the adversarial Xenomorph, was the Wyland-Yutani corporation whose single minded purpose to capture and use the Alien for a new biological weapon is pervasive across all 4 films including the Ridley Scott directed Prometheus which serves as a sort of prequel to the series.

Alien 5 featuring the return of Ellen Ripley would be an almost certain shoe-in for fans who have been clamoring to know the final fate of the character that Sigourney Weaver brought to life in 1979. Questions, such as the ones posed by The Guardian, and other theories have abounded since the release of Prometheus. A Prometheus 2 is currently in pre-production.

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