Kim Kardashian Receives Racy Self-Portrait From Kanye West For Wedding Gift [Picture]

The Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding and subsequent honeymoon has dominated the news lately. Arguably the most talked about nuptials of the year, the Kimye wedding was everything that we came to expect (and some things that were perhaps a little unexpected). Despite the subdued ceremony, (yes, subdued for a Kardashian wedding), the haute couture dress, the five day honeymoon at an estate in Ireland, and the subsequent jetting to Prague to celebrate the nuptials of a close friend, the groom’s wedding gift to the bride might be the most talked about Kimye-related topic of the week.

Recently, Hollywood Life published the story behind what is perhaps the most epic wedding gift of all: a nude self-portrait of Kim Kardashian in all her back-side glory. The painting was commissioned by Kanye and is titled “Perfect B—–“. Reportedly, West paid upwards of five figures for the painting which he intends to hang in their bedroom.

Could third time be the charm for Kim? Or is she following in the footsteps of other famous entertainment industry leading ladies like Elizabeth Taylor, who married multiple times?

Maybe Kim has met her match with Kanye in that she has found someone just as seemingly eccentric as herself. If his wedding gift is any indication, perhaps this is a match made in heaven. After all, who else would have the gumption, or the privilege even, to present his new bride with a painting of her famous backside, swathed only in a thong, wearing her favorite Louboutins?

Though the two seemed virtually inseparable since their nuptials, the two flew separately out of Europe to get back to business. In the past, both Kim and Kanye have been rumored as serial workaholics, so it’s likely that the time taken off by both to attend to their wedding was a pretty special time for the both of them. Kanye flew to Austin for his scheduled performance at the X-Games, and Kim was seen recently at LAX on Sunday, returning to get back to work on her several ventures.

The two lovebirds met more than nine years ago before beginning to date a little over a year and a half ago. Kanye professed that he had a major thing for Kim for several years. He told Daily Mail that he’s known that Kim was the one since 2006:

I just knew I wanted her to be my girl for a long time,’ said Kanye in an interview last year.

Since then, the two have been dating, they’ve given birth to a baby, affectionately referred to as Nori, and have had to wait patiently while Kim finalized details of her divorce to Kris Humphries before they were able to tie the knot late last month.

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