Rapper Charles Hamilton Says Some Hip Hop Artists Infect Babies With AIDS

Rapper Charles Hamilton apparently has a lot to get off his chest. The rapper was recently pulled into an extremely candid conversation with Sa NeterTV about a myriad of subjects, including Sonic the Hedgehog, homosexuality, AIDS, sodomy, rapper Drake, and record hit-maker, Jimmy Iovine.

In an eye opening interview, Hamilton goes against the stance hip-hop artists usually take when it comes to discussing homosexuality. During the interview, the reporter seemed as though he was on a mission to out famous hip hop artists as being gay, but instead Hamilton put the whole hip-hop community on blast.

Hamilton alleges that homosexuality in the African American community is linked to African child pornography. He then goes on to explain that famous artists are infected by AIDS and then carry the disease to Africa. In his own words, Charles Hamilton explained:

“A few reputable artists. They have been infected with AIDS and they take– the myth is you take an African baby boy and you sodomize them and you pass your AIDS onto them and you take their innocence and they keep on walking. So the fresher the rapper, the dirtier the art–Except Drake!”

Besides the Drake shout-out at the end, Charles Hamilton seemed dead serious about his stance on what’s currently going on in the hip hop community and didn’t seem to really mind about opening up about it, either.

It should be noted that Charles Hamilton is also smoking weed during the interview with Sa Neter TV, which may or may not be helping him formulate his thoughts during the impromptu interview. Then again, this all may be a very successful ploy to exploit his own image for some new listeners.

Eventually, after mentioning Kanye West, who he believes summoned a 14th century philosopher for the creation of his album Yeezus, Hamilton gets around to talking more about Drake.

Of Drake, Hamilton said that he believes the rapper is an alien. In the wake of Hamilton’s viral comments, his associate Zach Gero released two albums by the rapper. In a statement, his associate told Pigeons And Planes that he has a track with Pharrell Williams and really wants to break into mainstream radio.

His associate also adds at the end of the e-mail:

“He’s doing A LOT better mentally and physically these days (but, of course, he is just as eccentric as ever, hence that interview, lol). You can find him at http://thelastcharleshamiltonblog.blogspot.com or ”

This isn’t the only odd behavior Hamilton has exhibited. Back in 2011, Charles Hamilton’s rap career was halted due to the rapper dealing with various mental issues. Following an arrest after punching a police officer, Hamilton voluntarily checked himself into New York Presbyterian Mental Hospital and explained he was in the hospital for a “broken heart.”

To check out Charles Hamilton’s recent off the wall NSFW interview, click here:

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