NO NO NO: Serena Williams Crashes Wedding In Skimpy Leotard (Video)

Serena, Serena, Serena. What else can be said about Serena Williams as a wedding crasher?

A beach in Miami, Florida was the beautiful setting for a couple in love, reciting their vows and committing themselves to each other in a romantic ceremony. That is, until an uninvited guest decides to interrupt their nuptials per, a guest who just happened to be Serena Williams.

Serena Williams, defeated at the French Open, was vacationing on the same beach at the same time as the wedding. First, Serena decided to wear a leopard print, long-sleeved leotard as a bathing suit, which seems like bad choice number one.

Bad choice number two would seem to be Serena Williams strutting up to the couple in the middle of their wedding ceremony per, with half of Serena’s back side exposed. That may seem rather asinine to some.

A wedding is a day that is planned for weeks, sometimes months. The bride picks the perfect dress for her groom to be mesmerized and have his breath taken away from her beauty. When all of a sudden, the crowd perks up, cameras start flashing, and not because the bride has all the attention, but because celebrity Serena Williams decides to make an appearance. says Serena Williams hopped right between the bride and groom and posed for pictures. One man seems to only be interested in taking pictures from the backside of Serena, while the bride doesn’t look to enthused if you look closely.

Maybe the bride would have looked happier if Serena Williams would have at least given them a nice wedding present in addition to the photo op. Serena should realize, it was the bride’s big day after all.

Maybe the bride was happy, we can only speculate from what seems like somewhat of a forced smile that she is less than pleased. Would it have made a difference if it were Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn crashing the wedding as opposed to a half naked Serena Williams? does pose an interesting point of view, wondering what would have happened if it had been just a regular person in a leopard print leotard crashing the wedding and not a celebrity like Serena Williams.

I think the word “Security” would have been in the mix somewhere.

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