‘Assassin’s Creed: Unity’ DLC Leaked, Might Offer Clues To Storyline, Gameplay

Assassin’s Creed: Unity DLC may have been leaked ahead of time and might offer clues about the game’s details.

Most of what we think we know about Ubisoft’s latest installment in the long-running series has been through leaks and speculation, so it seems fitting that more AC: Unity rumors might give us answers we hadn’t guessed. Not much is known about the French Revolution, which is the confirmed setting for the upcoming game, but an image leaked online might be the source of a new wave of details.

The image which clearly shows the Assassin’s Creed logo also shows us the usual hooded protagonist standing next to a man in a professional uniform and a powdered wig. The other man is holding a bulbous flask of some kind of chemical, which coincides with the words on the sign, “Chemical Revolution Mission.”

Could the Assassin’s Creed: Unity DLC be the first since AC3 to expand on the main game with additional missions? The first time that was done was with the original Assassin’s Creed II, and it added quite a large amount of detail to the storyline and expanded on a side mission in the original game.

Since the French Revolution was started partly by a period of financial upheaval, it could be that some chemical experimentation behind the scenes resulted in a turnaround for the nation in general. The chemicals in question could aid the protagonist in AC: Unity, perhaps by adding different properties to his weapons, or being used to take out guards with more relative ease and stealth.

If chemicals play a major role in the upcoming game, we might see the return of AC2‘s poisoned blades, alongside perhaps a truth serum that makes Templars much easier to deal with before they get their throats cut. There might be an intoxication bomb (a variation on wine) which causes passerby to suddenly begin stumbling and falling over, creating a distraction and allowing you to walk by the guards unnoticed.

The image leaked also indicates that the chemical storyline addition is the second of two. It isn’t like Ubisoft to plan two entries ahead of time, but this might be a first for Assassin’s Creed: Unity DLC. It also only says the second add-on is a mission, so the first DLC might be referring to a kind of “shortcut” like the ones Black Flag offers gamers who don’t want to put time into finding everything.

What do you think the Assassin’s Creed: Unity DLC will include?

[image via cosmografik]