Louis CK Buys $2.4 Million ‘Presidential’ Mansion

Louis CK is proof that there is serious money in comedy. The stand-up comic just purchased a lovely, Tudor-style cottage which, according to Yahoo Homes, cost $2.4 million! Louis, who has mastered the art of black comedy, is reaping the sweet rewards of self-deprecation on stage. The comedian, who writes and stars in the FX series Louie, is now officially the owner of a 2-acre estate on Westmoreland Farm in New York’s Shelter Island.

But it isn’t just your typical, run-off-the-mill manor. Louis CK’s newest abode had previously sheltered honorable guests like baseball star Babe Ruth. Primrose Cottage (yes, Louis CK’s mansion has a name) was also the guesthouse of two former US presidents – William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Louis’ latest purchase was even rumored to be the getaway spot for McKinley and his mistress, although these allegations have long been debunked by US history buffs.

The three-story mansion is accessible by ferry, according to LA Times. Louis, who is an avid sailor, would surely love to come and go to his newest island cottage. New York Post reports that the house contains six bedrooms, 31/2 bathrooms and five fireplaces. Yup, Louis and his two kids could go and chill in this wonderful house and they’d have plenty of room (and fireplace) to spare!

Louis CK, who was the 97th most influential celebrity last year, has earned so much that he already seems to get paid per laugh. Gaining $16 million from stand-up tours and TV, Louis CK has certainly become one of the most successful comedians of the decade.

The comedian is not without controversy. Although most people find Louis CK as a lovable, relatable comic, a few find the funnyman’s comedy style offensive. He was heavily criticized by the Catholic Church for running a very risqué comedy skit regarding Catholic priests. If you can handle yourself with potentially offensive material, the skit could be watched here.

Aside from stand-up comedy and acting, Louie has been a writer for some of TV’s funniest late night shows. CK has written for the Late Show With David Letterman, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, and The Chris Rock Show. He has been nominated multiple times for an Emmy award for Outstanding Writing.

Earlier this year, there had been announcements of Louis CK teaming up with Hangover’s Zach Galifanakis to create a new sitcom for FX.

For now, Louis CK enjoys his newest upscale property. If there is anyone who deserves a multi-million 1900-era mansion, it’s Louie. No one offends people for money as hard as the bearded comic.

[Image from archman8 via Flickr]

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