WWE News: WWE’s Original And Future Plans For The Push Of Cesaro

WWE enjoyed the success of some of their younger talent over the last year. Many feel that this is a transition time for the WWE and finding new stars now will be a big deal for them. So seeing a guy like Cesaro come along and do well only makes the WWE more ecstatic about their future. And who can blame them?

Cesaro has made waves since his arrival in the WWE. He already had a big Indy following before he arrived, as both a singles and tag team competitor. Cesaro started off really hot in the WWE, holding the United States Championship for a long time. Then he fell off the face of the earth for a while, only to reappear and become a Real American.

Many feel that the WWE saw a lot in Cesaro for a while when he was a Real American, and when the thought that Paul Heyman had no one to manage came up after WrestleMania 30, the perfect person to pair him with was Cesaro. Paul Heyman is loved by the WWE fans, although they may not always show that to him.

Cesaro and Heyman as a team have been great, and the idea all along was to push Cesaro to the moon. The original idea was to have him go for the Intercontinental Title. However, WWE felt that Bad News Barrett needed it more. So they shifted gears to have him take on Sheamus for the US Title. Word is that Cesaro may not win it, but always could do so. The idea may be to have Sheamus hold it a while. However, the WWE may change their minds as usual.

Cesaro is now the person WWE plans to potentially put the Money in the Bank case on.

WWE wants to see what Cesaro can do as a World Champion, but the only way he can win it for now is by cashing in MITB on an unsuspecting champion at some point.

So, while there have been rumors of several people who could win, the guy in the lead for the WWE at this point is Cesaro. Of course, as with the US Title, plans can always change. They most likely will going into the event. The results of WWE Payback will help many know where WWE is headed come the Money in the Bank PPV.

There is only one match this year, so obviously whoever wins will be a big deal for a while, and the WWE wants a lot of attention on Cesaro. One concept is to have him face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, but that has not been confirmed. So, we will have to see where the WWE goes with him. For now, we just have rumors and potential plans that WWE could change any time.

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