Katie Holmes Teams With Ryan Reynolds For ‘Woman In Gold’

Katie Holmes is the latest big name star to join the BBC project, Woman in Gold. Katie will be playing the on screen wife of Ryan Reynolds in the World War II based picture.

Holmes’ isn’t getting a massive starring role in the film but she will have some serious screen time alongside other big names in the business. Helen Mirren, and Tatiana Maslany have already been named as cast members.

Digital Spy reports that Katie Holmes’ new project is a biopic based on the life of World War II Jewish survivor Maria Altmann. Altmann launched a court case back in the 1980’s in order to win back five paintings by Gustav Klimt that were stolen by the Nazis.

Katie’s project earned its name because one of the paintings stolen was titled “Woman in Gold.” Ryan Reynolds will star alongside Holmes as the lawyer who is representing Altmann.

Entertainment Weekly says that Helen Mirren will be playing the present day version of Altmann while Maslany is going to be playing the younger version of the Holocaust survivor.

There is not yet any date given on when BBC audience might be able to watch Katie Holmes and company. It should be pointed out the film will likely have a decent following when it is released.

With Katie, Ryan, Helen and Tatiana all contributing, the show is one of the most star studded on the BBC in years. The show will have bi-continental support with Holmes and Reynolds bringing in American audiences and Mirren and Maslany bringing in the BBC loyalists.

If you can’t wait to see Katie Holmes whenever Woman in Gold is finally released you can see the former Dawson’s Creek star in theaters later this summer.

Katie plays a supporting role in The Giver, a story about a seemingly perfect society and the realities that are running underneath it. Holmes plays the mother of Jonas, the character at the center of the story.

Jonas learns from an elderly man what the true pains and pleasures of the “real world” consist of in The Giver. Big names such as Alexander Skarsgård (who plays Holmes husband), Meryl Streep and even Taylor Swift are included in the cast of characters.

Relative newcomer Brenton Thwaites plays Jonas and long time Hollywood veteran Jeff Bridges is the elderly teacher and titular character.

Katie Holmes’ The Giver is due to hit theaters in the US on August 15 this year.

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