‘Left Behind’ Movie Trailer Shows Nicolas Cage Facing The End Of The World

The Left Behind movie trailer was released just recently, and it shows how Nicolas Cage will face the end of the world and the rapture in his role as pilot Rayford Steele.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Nicolas Cage will be returning as a neanderthal in The Croods 2. After all, he is the best actor in the world… according to China.

This version of the movie is actually a reboot of Left Behind, which started as a popular book series which spawned a relatively short straight to DVD movie series that went in a different direction from the books. In fact, that history is why producer and writer Paul Lalonde wanted to do another Left Behind movie:

“The reason to bring ‘Left Behind’ back is [two-fold]: one is to make it bigger and better, so that we can have a broader reach and a shot at a broader audience. The first time we did it it was a straight to DVD production. The second reason is that the first movie was based on the entire first book in the series, so a book this fat turned into a screen play with 57 plot points and no real time to get to know the characters. And the quintessential event that triggers all of Bible prophecy is the rapture — and that got like three minutes of screen time in the first movie.”

Of course, not everyone knows too much about the Bible and end times theology contained within New Testament books like Revelation and Old Testament books like Daniel. So when Lalonde is asked to discuss the film, he keeps it simple:

“This is not very complicated. It really isn’t. It’s prophesied in the Bible and the Bible says that before the beginning of the tribulation which will be in the end times, which I have no doubt we are living in the end times so therefore it could happen tomorrow that the church is going to be called home and caught up in the air and taken to heaven and that’s what this movie’s about.”

In this case, being “caught up in the air” refers to a mysterious mass disappearance of many people throughout the world, where only their clothing is left in place while their bodies have vanished. The higher production values of this Left Behind reboot is promising to do a better job of representing how the rapture may play out in real life.

What do you think about the Left Behind movie trailer?

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