WWE News: CM Punk Will Be In Chicago The Same Night As WWE Payback, Will He Be On The Show?

WWE Superstar CM Punk, whether you want to call him a current or former one, has been a hot topic the last 6 months. Most have hoped to see the Straight Edge Superstar back in the WWE. Sadly CM Punk has not given us that, which is a sad thing. Most CM Punk fans have given up hope that he will be back in the WWE any time soon. Oh, they held out hope for some time. However, after WWE RAW was in Chicago months back and Punk still didn’t show up, it killed the morale that they had going in.

Now WWE is in the same town as CM Punk, and once again the rumor mill has gone crazy with the potential return of the former WWE Champion. WWE Payback takes place once again in Chicago this Sunday, and due to the fact that CM Punk returned at this PPV last year, many expect the same to happen once again on Sunday.

The problem with this is that, sadly, it won’t happen. CM Punk WILL be in Chicago on Sunday. However, he will not be at the WWE Payback event. His beloved Chicago Blackhawks will be taking on the LA Kings in Game 7, winner goes to the Stanley Cup. So it’s an important game that he would not miss for a comeback to the WWE. Punk confirmed this by saying he would be there on his Twitter account on Saturday.

If CM Punk does decide to come back, it would not be at Payback. He would probably make his grand entrance on WWE RAW, the night after. He’d get to see his Blackhawks win or lose, and he good to go. Some have mentioned in jest that, depending on how the Blackhawks perform in the NHL Playoffs will determine the timetable for CM Punk’s return.

Obviously, CM Punk will come back when he is good and ready to do so. That may never happen though, which should be known fact for all of his fans. A lot of people hope for a change in his status, but sadly it may not happen.

Despite the fact that Punk will be in Chicago, the same night at WWE Payback, it does not seem likely he or his fiance AJ Lee will be missing the big NHL Playoff game. In fact, it might be a better event in some eyes than Payback will anyway. We will have to see what unfolds, as things could always be surprising.

CM Punk has shocked the WWE fans before. There is still hope that he will do it again. Whether or not he does is another case entirely.

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