Lady Gaga Cancels Shows In Seattle And Vancouver

Lady Gaga isn’t feeling the greatest at the moment, which ultimately forced her to cancel two upcoming shows on her Artpop Ball Tour.

If you were hoping to catch Mother Monster onstage in Seattle or Vancouver, prepare to shake your fists in utter frustration. According to Contactmusic, a particularly nasty bought of bronchitis has reportedly forced Lady Gaga to take those stops off her itinerary. The shows are presently rescheduled for August 8 (Seattle) and August 9 (Vancouver).

Gaga officially announced the recent cancellations on her official Twitter page. She also suggested that a well-known Disney villain made off with her voice. She included a handy photo for those people who aren’t hep to her animated reference.

The singer tweeted:

Unfortunately for the singer, a few outlets claim her Artpop Ball Tour isn’t nearly going as well as she’d hoped. Although Gaga tried to get everything back on the right track following the problematic release of her latest album, the folks at NBC News seem to think that people have largely ignored her recent tour. Hardcore fans are definitely showing up, but fair-weather supporters have apparently jumped ship.

“One Direction is still in the top 10 for concerts on StubHub but Lady Gaga is not, and that’s a little bit surprising this year. Even though she’s touring and generally doing a lot of concerts she’s not in our top 10 this year,” Chris Tsakalakis told CNBC

According to the Times of India, Lady Gaga understands that her career is in a bad place at the moment. To help get this ship sailing in the right direction once again, she’s apparently looking for a little help from Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun.

“If anyone can help Gaga now it’s Scooter. He’s one of the smartest blokes in the music industry and made Bieber into the biggest pop star on the planet,” an anonymous source recently dished.

Are you surprised that Lady Gaga recently canceled two shows on her tour? Do you think the singer’s career is in need of some rejuvenation?

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