Google Glass Teams With Blippar to Create First Augmented Game

Google Glass has got to be one of the most exciting new toys in the world, and now the computer you can wear like a pair of glasses is getting even better. Blippar just demonstrated it’s new augmented reality game at Augmented World Expo, demonstrating the product which it calls Games for Glass.

The user accesses the game by opening the Blippar app, which contains a virtual interface they can access using both their eyes and their hands. The demo poster was a picture of some asteroids, but if the game is pointed at it, it seems like the asteroids are flying at the wearer’s head, and they can use their hands to swat the things away.

Google Glass was originally previewed back in June 2012, but the release was strictly limited to a select group of customers in the US, who were selected to test them out. They can be used to take pictures, stream video, record video, read text, all conveniently viewed on a small lens in front of one eye.

In effect, users can use the Google Glass in much the same manner as a smartphone, including hands-free voice commands, text messaging using the voice, and more. It can update Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites and can get directions from Google Maps on the fly to be used like a GPS.

So far, Google Glasses have been used for all kinds of interesting things, from taping medical procedures from across the globe, to taping naughty deeds for later viewing by the masses, or even taping things of a more private nature. They can pop up appointment reminders and deliver RSS feed on the fly, show blueprints to engineers, and may even be usable in court cases in the future.

In fact, some people are concerned that Google Glass products could lead to problems. Some say they should not be worn while driving as they might be distracting, while others wonder if they’d become a covert tool that could be used by stalkers or to record private conversations which could later be broadcast to the masses.

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