Russell Wilson Retains His Weapon: Doug Baldwin Agrees To 2-Year Extension

Russell Wilson will be happy to know that when the Seattle Seahawks attempt to repeat as Super Bowl champions next season, he’ll have wide receiver Doug Baldwin as a target once again.

According to a report on, “the final piece of the offseason puzzle for the Seahawks was secured Thursday morning when receiver Doug Baldwin agreed to a contract extension that will keep him in Seattle through the 2016 season. Baldwin’s new deal will pay him a minimum of $16 million over three years and possible $19.5 million overall if achievable bonuses are reached.”

Meanwhile, according to, the deal is a win-win for both sides.

“I think it’s a good deal for Baldwin because he made less than $1.5 million his first three years for him to make $13 million over the next three,” cap specialist Joel Curry says. “The upside in the deal, he has incentives in it so he can make more. But this is what I call ‘a bridge deal’ because he only gave up two years of unrestricted free agency. So if you look at the deal from that perspective it’s a good deal for Doug Baldwin. And then when you look at that fact that he’s going to get another bite at the apple because he will be an unrestricted free agent when he’s 28, going on 29. You can’t argue with what he did. As long as Doug Baldwin keeps progressing as a player, a short-term deal is going to work to his advantage.”

As Russell Wilson is certainly aware, repeating as Super Bowl champions is a tall order in the salary cap era of the NFL. So retaining one of his main targets should help Russell and his teammates in their quest for a repeat.

Wilson meanwhile has been relishing his new role as Super Bowl winning quarterback. Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, and the entire Seattle Seahawks organization made their way to the White House recently as part of a meet-and-greet tradition with the President following their Super Bowl win. President Obama even teased Wilson, according to, about his newly cropped hair cut.

“He looks okay this way,” the President joked, “he doesn’t have a peanut head or anything.”

Finally, Russell Wilson has been experiencing some personal joy as of late as well. As reported by The Inquisitr, Wilson’s sister recently made the USA U17 Basketball Team. Here is a tweet Russell Wilson posing with his sister:

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