Vitalii Sediuk’s Dangerous Game Ends With Firing

Vitalii Sediuk is led away by LAPD after allegedly assaulting Brad Pitt

Vitalii Sediuk, the notorious “red carpet prankster,” has reportedly been fired from his job with a Ukrainian television network. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network, 1+1 Media, fired Sediuk shortly after he sneaked onto the red carpet at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival and climbed under How To Train Your Dragon 2 star America Ferrera’s dress in front of a collection of international paparazzi.

Being let go from his job as an “entertainment reporter” didn’t stop Sediuk when, on May 28, he allegedly assaulted Brad Pitt at the Hollywood Premiere of Maleficent, which stars Pitt’s wife, Angelina Jolie.

Vitalii Sediuk has a history of bizarre stunts dating back to 2011 when he gave pop singer Kylie Minogue a jar of goat’s milk before an interview. His antics grew more and more ludicrous, leading up to the 2012 Men in Black III premiere were he tried to open mouth kiss Will Smith on the red carpet.

Last winter, Sediuk accosted Leonardo DiCaprio by giving him a crotch hug–where he hugged Leo below the belt, face to crotch–while DiCaprio was on the red carpet for the premiere of The Wolf of Wall Street. Sediuk tried the same stunt with American Hustle actor Bradley Cooper at the 2013 SAG awards in Los Angeles.

Each time Vitalii Sediuk has pulled one of his bizarre, possibly dangerous stunts, the victim, usually an A-list Hollywood celebrity, has been in a forced position–in most cases, walking the red carpet at a premiere event–to play along.

In the case of Will Smith, the actor violently pushed Sediuk away and almost looked ready to throw a punch. Smith, a consummate professional, quickly gathered himself and his entourage stepped in and kept the sheepishly grinning Sediuk away.

Media outlets worldwide have denounced this type of “pranking,” and many believe that Sediuk should be held fully accountable. After the incident at Cannes, The Guardian began to question why his stunt with Ferrara wasn’t considered “sexual assault.”

The most recent incident with Brad Pitt has landed Vitalii Sediuk in jail in Los Angeles County awaiting arraignment on a misdemeanor count of assault and battery. Bail is set at $20,000. The alleged assault has also prompted Pitt to file a restraining order against Sediuk.

The Ukrainian television network that employed Sediuk before the Cannes had been footing his previous legal bills before his termination, and now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Sediuk is left to his own devices.

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