Bad news for the United Football league

The good news here is the United football League has apparently found a new outside investor. The bad news is UFL training camps have been suspended for 30 days. This is a major blow to this league and since games were set to begin on August 13 it puts a third UFL season in series jeopardy. There are a number of factors in this decision but apparently, a big one is money that is still owed from the 2010 UFL season.

There are some reports out there that another issue is Workers Compensation Insurance, and other financial problems are the main culprits in the league hitting pause. The owners and investors of this league were apparently set to lose 40 million dollar from an operating deficit for the 2011 season.

That 40 million on top of the money this league has already lost, and apparently a ton of yet to be paid bills from the 2010 season put this league back on the death watch. Of course, I have not even mentioned the lack of a TV deal (the league has yet to announce any broadcasting deal for year three). All of that together likely means the UFL has come to an end.

The UFL plans to go ahead with year three, but a cessation of operations (and that is essentially what this is), is never a good sign for a sports league. It kills any positive momentum this league had, and likely kills off this latest upstart league.

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