Vibe Dance Competition: ‘The Company’ Has A Routine You Have To See To Believe

The Vibe XIX 2014 dance competition has turned out a routine that has the internet buzzing, with a dance crew known as The Company performing a seemingly unreal set of synchronized moves.

The routine is set to a medley of songs including Alicia Keys, Justice, and a live violin cover of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”

In the video, members of the crew dance while wearing blazers and slacks reminiscent of a private school outfit. The routine starts off with some pretty slick synchronized moves, but only up the intensity from there. They progress into a song using folded aluminum chairs with the violin cover in the background, then finish off the routine by grooving in perfect rhythm to “Maria, Maria” by Carlos Santana.

Though it was originally posted to YouTube in January, the Vibe dance competition video of the routine caught fire this week, getting picked up by a number of blogs and blowing up on YouTube. By Friday the video had has close to 2 million views.

The video was first noticed by 9Gag Videos and was then picked up by Viral Viral Videos.

The Huffington Post had plenty of praise for The Company and their amazing dance routine, noting:

“The dancers are so in-tune with one another, it almost looks like they are sharing a collective consciousness as they dance robotically through the genres.”

The Company was also flooded with a number of Facebook and Twitter messages as millions of new fans discovered the California-based group.

As amazing as The Company was at the Vibe dance competition, they still weren’t the best. Their dance routine came in second place after Academy of Villains.

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