‘Watch Dogs’ For PC Getting Patched Soon

The Watch Dogs launch this Tuesday has been a huge success for the most part. One report after another has said that Watch Dogs is one of the better looking games out on the market.

There has been one drawback to the Watch Dogs launch and that is the PC version of the game. While people are plenty impressed by the look and feel of Watch Dogs on the PC, there are also plenty of reports of glitching and lagging.

Now it appears Ubisoft is working on a patch that will handle the issues Watch Dogs for PC has been having. The company clearly wants to make sure players who don’t have the game on the Xbox One or PS4 are still having plenty of fun.

Gamingbolt reports that Graphics Technical Director Sebastien Viard has taken to Twitter in the meantime in order to help people who want to play Watch Dogs on their computers before the patch is released.

Watch Dogs can use 3+ GB of RAM on NG consoles for graphics, your PC GPU needs enough VRAM for ultra options due to the lack of unified memory,” he explained.

Viard gave a tutorial that he hoped would allow people to turn down the pull on memory that Watch Dogs uses, thereby avoiding the lagging and glitching people have seen, especially when it comes to getting into a vehicle. While adjusting the way Watch Dogs plays on the computer is a short term fix, it also means that PC players aren’t getting the same experience. That is why Ubisoft is also working on the patch. Watch Dogs for PC is indeed going to be getting a patch, though it’s currently unknown when that patch might actually become available. In another Twitter post, Viard made it clear the team is working to make Watch Dogs a much more playable game when it comes to the computer.

Until then, gamers will either have to put their copy of the computer game on the shelf for a few weeks, or hope the changing of the graphics settings will be enough to make their Watch Dogs playable without much lag.

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