Retro Home Automation System: This Setup From 1985 Will Blow Your Mind

As the process of home automation becomes more and more accessible, this entertaining look at a retro looking home automation system from 1985 is most definitely a gem.

Posted to Reddit by user Avboden, this fully functional system features some in-depth integrations, including control over the outlets and switches, security system, sprinkler systems, thermostat control, and HVAC. Not to mention, this impressive system can all be accessed by a nifty touchscreen that just looks flat-out awesome.

Actually installed in 1990, this Unity Home Manager system is still in use by the current home owner.

“Yes, we still use it for everything,” says Avboden.

“The house is so integrated with it it’s going to be a real pain to replace someday. We had to replace the screen unit once and probably won’t be able to find another one. We had all the capacitors replaced on the control boards so the computer aspect should stay running for ages,” he added.

When asked by another user about replacement of the system should his ever fail, the home owner stated that the only company in the nation that replaces them requires $30,000 to do so.

Check out the photos of the retro looking home automation system from 1985 and all the nostalgia that comes with it below:

This is the touchscreen.
Here you can see how the touch works.
General information.
Home screen.
Floor plan/temperature control with the original builder’s name.
Detailed temperature control.
HVAC control.
Security control.
Electrics control.
Irrigation control.
The brains of the unit.
Unity System’s Home Manager installed in 1990. They made them from 1985 until 1999.

[Images Via: Reddit/Imgur user avboden]

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