ChannelFlip Launches: UK’s First “Video Magazine For Men”

ChannelFlip, billed as the UK’s first “video magazine for men” launched this week we some impressive backing.

At launch, ChannelFlip offers over 200 “quirky yet informative” short video programs aimed at “tech savy men.” Content includes coverage of gadgets, technology, gaming and DVD releases. The site has Intel on board as the launch sponsor, and during a trial earlier this year attracted 150,000 viewer a month with over 1 million video views.

The service comes from Justin Gayner, a member of the team behind QI, a BBC show starring Stephen Fry and Wil Harris, the founder of the computer hardware website The company has raised “six-figure backing” in funding.

Money, decent content, and connected founders make for an appealing package, and I found myself happily consuming content when I first visited the site. Definitely worth a look.

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