Lil Kim Joke Thoroughly Irritates JWoww

Lil Kim and JWoww were recently the butt of a joke by celebrity gossip website TMZ.

Although many people assumed the outlet made a serious mistake when they used a picture of the former Jersey Shore star to discuss Lil Kim’s new look, it was actually a mean-spirited joke aimed at the reality TV vet’s appearance. If you haven’t seen Lil Kim recently, then you may not understand what’s going on.

The website wrote:

“Kim is expecting her first child soon… a girl… but she has not officially confirmed who the baby daddy is. The Queen Bee recently posted on her Facebook page where her fans could buy her baby gifts… with gifts like a hamper for $1,385 or a cradle for $1,648. Whatever Kim has been doing, she looks years younger.”

Check out a recent photo of the rapper below. It should help you understand why JWoww wasn’t exactly thrilled with the comparison. The before and after will give you an idea of how much Lil Kim has changed over the years.

Here’s the pic that TMZ ran in their joke article. We’ll let you sit with this for a moment before we get into JWoww’s response to the comparison.

It’s worth noting that the reality star is eight months pregnant in the photo you see above. In short; TMZ was essentially making fun of the poor woman because she’s getting ready to have a child. Not surprisingly, the Lil Kim joke didn’t settle too well with JWoww, prompting her to issue a very irritated response on Twitter.

“TMZ for making fun of someone eight months pregnant and her makeup! Keep sucking that d**k on the street corner!” she tweeted. The comment also came with a very pointed photo, though it’s a little too salty to share here. Swing by her Twitter page to have a look at her photographic response to the Lil Kim comparison.

What’s particularly alarming about the website’s Lil Kim joke is the mockery pregnant celebrities face these days. Before TMZ felt the need to make fun of JWoww, people had quite a few laughs at Kim Kardashian’s expense. When did the beauty of bringing a new life into this world become fodder for celebrity gossip sites looking to earn a buck?

Do you think the Lil Kim joke was tasteless?

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