This Adorable Shark Likes To Be Petted Like A Dog [Video]

Now, sharks and adorable are two words that usually don’t go together. More (in)famous for their razor sharp teeth and man eating capabilities, sharks have been portrayed as the meanest of creatures to ever swim the oceans. And why not? There have even been instances of people trying to cozy up to sharks who literally lost their lips.

However, some members of the shark family seem to be a little disgruntled with all the bad press they have been getting all these years. At this years Bahamas Underwater Photo Week, a Carribean Reef Shark decided enough was enough.

In a video captured by Stephen Frink films using a GoPro Camera, UNEXSO (Underwater Explorers Society) professional shark handler Cristina Zenato is seen calling the aforementioned Caribbean reef shark to her lap. And guess what? The Shark actually comes to her. Cristina is then seen petting the shark on the head – as you would do to your pet cat or dog. When Cristina moves away from the shark, it actually comes back to her – demanding even more petting.


Does this video change your perception about sharks? And please, please do not attempt this trick with a Great White Shark, just in case you are the adventurous kind.

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[Image via YouTube]

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