Chief Keef Daddy Of The Year? ‘Don’t Make No Sense’ (Video)

Chief Keef reportedly fathered a child at the age of 15 with a middle-school aged baby mama, according to Now that baby mama, Jasmine Woodford, who is only one of Chief Keef’s baby mamas, is fed up with Keef’s lack of financial child support and refusal to get health insurance for their baby girl. Chief Keef has been ordered by the court to do both, according to BET.

In July 2013, Chief Keef was ordered by the court to not only provide health insurance for his child, but to also pay $2600 per month for child support and an additional $500 per month for child day care. Based on Chief Keef’s monthly salary of $13,000, this minimum payment should not be a cause of confrontation between Keef and his baby mama.

According to BET, Chief Keef’s baby mama, as a nursing student, can’t afford to provide health insurance for their daughter. Meanwhile, Chief Keef is enjoying his “$6 million record deal and almost $600,000 in assets,” per BET.

Chief Keef was ordered to appear in court on September 5, 2013 for his failure to follow through on his responsibilities. Guess what — Chief Keef didn’t bother to show up. reports that the Chicago police were ordered to throw Chief Keef in jail for skipping his hearing. All the while, Chief Keef’s financial obligations to his baby mama continue to increase to the point that Chief Keef now owes her $25,000 in back child support.

It doesn’t seem hopeful that Chief Keef will be getting any Father of The Year awards this Father’s Day.

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