Kristen Bell Going After Hollywood Paparazzi Who Photograph Stars’ Kids

Kristen Bell doesn’t like walking through the supermarket and seeing Suri Cruise on the cover of tabloid magazines.

In fact the 33-year-old actress and mother of a toddler is so appalled by seeing kids of celebrities thrust into the limelight that she’s launching a campaign to get Hollywood paparazzi to lay off the these young kids.

Launched early this year, Bell’s No Kids Policy is picking up steam with a simple but powerful tool — celebrity access. She’s gotten stars like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence to refuse interviews with television and print outlets that use pictures of Hollywood kids taken without their parents’ consent.

The effort is about letting Hollywood kids be kids, Kristen Bell said.

“Suri Cruise is not fictional. She’s a real little girl… and it’s just not fair,” Bell says.

The No Kids Policy is getting support beyond Hollywood as well. A number of bloggers have taken up her cause, and it’s been getting publicized at outlets like Fox News.

“There is no way for a child to wrap their head around the fact that they are a cog in this machine,” Bell said in a recent interview. “All they experience is the predatory sense of being hunted.”

Kristen is so committed to the cause that she said she would rather quit show business than subject her 11-month-old daughter, Lincoln, to heavy media scrutiny.

“I like being an actress very much,” Bell said, “but I love being a mother and it is a very clear decision which one I would choose.”

There is still plenty of attention for stars of the rich and famous. Many outlets, including Us Weekly, use pictures posted by their parents to social media. Many paparazzi say they won’t give up the tactic either, at least as long as there is money to be made off the pictures.

“We have these long lenses and keep our distance. We let them enjoy their weekend,” said a photographer for Phamous Photo agency. “The kids generally don’t know what’s going on.”

Other outlets, like In Touch and TMZ, haven’t signed on with Bell and the No Kids Policy. But the actress said she isn’t giving up.

“I’ll argue until my dying day that my daughter should not be affected by my career choice,” Kristen Bell said.

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