WWE News: WWE Set To Change How Matches Are Done In A Very Big Way

WWE has changed it’s way of business around a lot over the years. They even developed a wrestling style simply called “The WWE Style”, something every talent has to learn when they come into the company. It’s basically just rules and regulations on what to do, how to work with talent, etc. Many wrestlers come in with various styles, so having one main style to work within is helpful. It’s sort of like a language. While it’s nice to know more than one, you still need one main language for everyone to communicate through. So WWE having something like this has never been an issue. However, you do have some, like the original Sin Cara, who simply could not grasp it.

The main issue fans have had with the WWE over the years was not related to the style, but rather, the match quality. Snooze fests like anything involving Great Khali are a great example.

But the WWE now has the issue of selling the WWE Network to fans. Before, they relied on star power to sell the shows, so having random events build up to making fans want to see the PPV enough to buy it was the thing for them. Now with the Network, the PPVs come with the subscription. As a result, the WWE now realizes they have to put on higher quality matches.

In a report from the Wrestling News Observer, it seems the WWE is planning to do just that, saying:

“The bulk of the business now comes down to two things:

1) Ideas that will get people to subscribe to the network, whether they are appealing live wrestling shows, new programming or creative packaging of old programming.

2) The overall presentation of the network being done in a way that keeps people renewing

For the first time, it’s probably close to as important to consistently present good PPV shows. Before, the PPV was more about shooting angles and telling you stories to get you to make an individual purchase. History has always shown it’s the hype and not the presentation or match quality.

Historically, return matches off what were considered some of the greatest matches ever over the last few decades more often than not was nothing to write home about business-wise, whether you are talking pro wrestling or MMA.

Match quality has never been a serious factor either. It was star power and grudges, but with the same stars on free television weekly, exceedingly few matches are going to have any bearing at all on business since the core PPV buyers for all but the biggest shows are likely going to be long-term network subscribers.

The key to them is making their experiences with it the best possible. It’s actually good for fans, because the wrestling business has always been about the sizzle rather than the steak, and at least to some degree, the new economy changes that dynamic somewhat.”

So according to the outlet, WWE plans to focus on the matches rather than the star power only. While star power is a factor, good matches will make stars out of the performers, and perhaps the average wrestling fan will want to purchase the WWE Network.

This is one of the big reasons the WWE wants Daniel Bryan to remain a big part of their future, as he can have a good match any night and has proved this time in and time out. The organization has also gone out to grab marquee wrestlers from around the world, including Sami Zayn and now Prince Devitt. While they may not be massive stars, jumping from WCW like back in the day, they are extremely talented and could be a big addition to the WWE roster.

WWE is really doing a lot of this due to the economy for sure. They know that they need to boost the entertainment of the show up if they are too keep the audience interested. I’d rather see fun, entertaining matches myself, as would most fans out there. This is why a lot of the content down in developmental, NXT, is so different compared to what we see on RAW and SmackDown.

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