‘Quantum Break’ Release Date, Details Announced [Video]

The Quantum Break release date has been narrowed down, and details have been unleashed. The upcoming entertainment property from Remedy will be both a TV show and a video game.

Unlike most games with a TV or movie tie-in, this pairing will take opposite sides of the storyline. Creative director Sam Lake explains that this upcoming Xbox One exclusive title will have you playing the role of hero Jack Joyce, trying to stop a catastrophic “fracture” which threatens the end of time. The Xbox TV series will be an action series from the perspective of the villains from Monarch. You will need to watch and play both sides to get the full picture, an interesting idea that hasn’t been done well before.

Capcom’s Resident Evil tried to do something similar to Quantum Break, using the movies to explain what happened between the scenes in the game series. Both series had something in common, in that the further they went, the more the critics hated them.

Remedy is hoping that the Quantum Break release date for Xbox One, sometime in 2015, won’t suffer the same fate. According to YouTube comments for the video above, they have a long way to go to impress us. The graphics so far for the video game appear sub-par for the Xbox One, and Xbox TV hasn’t seen any solid success at this point.

There is still a lot of time before the Xbox TV series and video game hits, so Remedy can still try to make the game look a little more impressive to please gamers demanding their 1080p 60fps. They might pull it off, even though most games so far have failed to reach that benchmark, one of the few being Mario Kart 8 for the underestimated Nintendo Wii U.

The end of the video shows off an example of Quantum Break gameplay.

Can Remedy pull off the gameplay style we’ve seen in games like Max Payne in time for the Quantum Break release date?

[image via IGN]

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