‘Jenga Cat’ Goes Viral [Video]

The Jenga Cat is the latest viral sensation to hit YouTube for lovers of the playful felines. Cats have been a regular source of memes since the internet went mainstream, with one of the most popular sites being named the “internet slang” version of the famous caption “I can has cheeseburger.”

YouTube has been a major source of cat memes as well, allowing users to upload videos of their little puffballs’ hijinks for some public laughs and loads of views. Often enough, most of these cat videos don’t even need to be a cat you own, but a combination of hilarious antics from footage of cats around the world.

Some of the most popular videos in the past included a Star Wars battle between kittens, “Whack-a-Kitty,” and two iterations of the Keyboard Cat. “Jenga Cat” looks to challenge them all in an adorable new take on the competitive blocks game. YouTube user Alan Palesko uses what appears to be an iPhone to record himself playing Jenga with his furry little friend Moe, and the cat is surprisingly good.

Palesko’s cat picks out a block and uses its teeth and paw to get it loose, leaving the pile still standing, and then sits and waits for its owner to take a turn. The cat again whacks the block loose, which earns it a reprimand, “It’s my turn!”

Once again the cat gets another block loose and the pile stays up, and its owner takes another turn. After this, the cat simply stares at the stack and then knocks a couple off the top in what gamers would call a “rage quit.”

Alan Palesko seems to have a very well trained cat in this viral video which has been featured on YouTube’s front page.

Do you think you can beat the Jenga Cat? What can your fur baby do that YouTube might enjoy watching?

[image via metro]

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