The UFL has no TV deal, or game times

I feel kind of bad with what sometimes feels like constant nitpicking about the United Football League, and the people over there calling the hosts. I do a lot of work with football teams at many different levels, and know the struggles of launching a national upstart league. However, it is my job to point out things at times, and while the UFL has a lot going for it; it also has a lot of negatives that seem to grow larger as we approach the third UFL season. The season is less than a month away, and the UFL has yet to announce a TV deal or indicate what times their games will actually be played. To be fair all the UFL games have dates.

That is a problem for many, not particularly for me because no matter when and where the UFL games air I will be watching them. However, this isn’t about me. Most of you reading this will likely have to buy some kind of TV package to see these games. I seriously hope there are lots of you willing and able to do so. However, if the UFL waits to the last minute to announce a TV deal you may have less than optimal time to make said purchases.

Of course there is the very real possibility that this league will not have a TV deal at all, and it all likelihood that would mean it once again would be placed on the deathwatch. With only five teams, in smaller markets and no TV this league would not have access to a viable audience. Many would argue that it has already proven that it cannot attract a viable audience, but I am a big sucker for upstart leagues.

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