David Hasselhoff Sells KITT From ‘Knight Rider’ For Charity

David Hasselhoff seems to be more than happy to auction off his prized friend KITT if the situation fits a worthy cause. For one lucky collector, who is most likely a fan of Knight Rider, they scored a boost in their fantasies based of fanaticism. Now they get to drive around as if they were Michael Knight.

According to MSN, KITT sold for $150,000 for a charity. Prior to handing off the famous vehicle, KITT was given to David Hasselhoff as a gift from a fan. The 1986 Pontiac Firebird based on the computer-controlled Knight Industries Two Thousand, or KITT for short, would serve a far more important purpose besides collecting dust in David Hasselhoff’s personal montage of automotive vehicles. Still, David Hasselhoff can’t believe just how much people loved Knight Rider, especially at the Cambridge Union in England where he stated the following on Saturday:

“I can’t believe ‘Knight Rider’ affected so many people in such a positive way. I just sold my car for $150,000 to a guy in Turkey.”

It is very honorable that David Hasselhoff would put KITT up for sale just for charity. But according to the Examiner, the best part is that the charity needed the funds. The Starlight Children’s Foundation will receive the cash after the seller finalizes the transaction. They might also get more money because Julien’s Auctions’ Hollywood Legends 2014 sale is auctioning off a few of their David Hasselhoff collectibles too, which include a life jacket from the set of Baywatch and an acoustic guitar from his singing career.

David Hasselhoff and charities do go hand and hand. First, he is one of the few celebrities known specifically for his work in charity. Seen at auctions that support charitable causes, as well as giving up personal defects to help make a difference, Hasselhoff shows his appreciation for his fans, who in turn appreciate all his selfless efforts.

From the previous paragraphs above, David Hasselhoff is also known for his singing career and his role on Baywatch. However, some people may not realize that he was the original actor for Nick Fury, the mastermind behind the Avengers. As a matter of fact, The Inquisitr reported that David Hasselhoff is very interested in playing the role of Nick Fury again, which is now brought to life by Samuel L. Jackson in the current movies centered on the Avengers, which include Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and of course the movie, The Avengers.

David Hasselhoff may not be remembered for playing Nick Fury, or his other acting roles. However, he will be known for his charity, which is very admirable, especially since many wealthier stars do not practice helping their fellow men.

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