50 Cent Throws One Of The Worst First Pitches Ever At Citi Field [Video]

50 Cent produced one of the worst first pitches in baseball history on Tuesday evening when he went out on the mound at Citi Field.

The rapper, wearing a number 50 New York Mets jersey, tried to throw the ceremonial first pitch before the Mets played the Pittsburgh Pirates.

However, despite possessing an impressive physique, Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, proved how poor his arm is with a diabolical throw that was well wide of his target. You can watch a clip of his attempt above.

Cent’s left-handed throw ended up sailing well wide of Antony Recker, the Mets catcher who had been placed there to try and pick up his effort. Instead, it was tossed at least a dozen feet away from behind home plate, and it was so bad all Cent and New York Mets pitcher, Jonathon Niese, could do was laugh.

Fortunately for fans of the hip-hop hero, Jackson still managed to happily smile and pose with fans for pictures after his “throw.”

MLB commentators soon tried to find excuses for Jackson’s wayward aim, with one analyst noting that he appeared to open up his arm a little bit too early. Another then teased that Jackson clearly never had a choice between pitching for the Mets and being a rapper.

Meanwhile, Twitter users were less kind to 50 Cent, and they bombarded the website with their responses to his atrocious pitch:

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