Twitterer of the Year: You!

I don’t get it.

Really I don’t understand this seemingly insatiable need to declared someone the king of some stupid ass hill – even if that hill is Twitter. In a blogosphere where everyone on the A-List says there is no such thing as an A-List they now want to pull a Time magazine and declare someone as a Twitter of the year. Please tell me this isn’t serious – someone’s having an early April Fool’s joke on us – right?

Well according to Karoli; who is one of my favourite bloggers and Twitterers, this is indeed the case. Now I’ll give you two guesses as to who is leading the charge on this inane idea and the first one doesn’t count. Yup that’s right – the indomitable Robert Scoble. Here’s the hilarious part – he asked the following question

“Who is “Twitterer of the Year?” My two submissions? Jay Rosen and Tim O’Reilly. Who are yours?”

not on his blog, not on Twitter but on FriendFeed.

Correction: Robert did actually post this on Twitter but the way that he has his Twitter feed pulled into FriendFeed I was wrong. I apologize for that error Robert but my point still stands.

That would be like asking the People’s Choice Awards to pick and celebrate the Academy Award winners. Of course Robert is now all over the place defending his let’s get a little traffic happening for the weekend post.

Karoli is absolutely correct when she says there is no such thing as a single Twitterer of the year. The very idea of proposing such a thing goes against the very nature of what social media is suppose to mean. Twitter is a hub for each of our own communities that we create using it. Sure we can have our favourite Twitterer within our own group but that does in no way imply that I give a shit about anyone in any other Twitter social network.

If Twitter is one thing it is the true democratization of communication. There are no moderators. There are no Twitter cops telling you how to behave. There is no goodie two shoes patrol looking over your shoulder tsk tsk’ing when you drop a F bomb or aren’t politically correct in something you say. Member’s of my Twitter community may not even know who the hell Robert Scoble is and nor should they be put in a position to have to know him because he – or some other candidates suddenly are declared the most important person on Twitter.

It’s bullshit and really an insult to everyone on Twitter to propose that we should even think of naming some twit as top Twitterer.

Instead everyone should be considered the Top Twitterer because that is the real truth of the matter.

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