Novak Djokovic Shares Drink With Ball Boy During French Open! [Video]

When rain interrupted play during Novak Djokovic’s opening round match against Joao Sousa at this year’s French Open, spectators at the venue were disappointed. After all, they had paid a good amount to see the world’s number two ranked tennis pro in action, and the rain simply played spoilsport.

However, a funny gesture by Djokovic not only entertained them and gave them their money’s worth, but also made the day of the ball boy involved in the incident, reports Yahoo.

The incident occurred when Djokovic was up 6-1, 5-2 on Joao Sousa and rain interrupted the proceedings. Nothing left to do but to sit and wait till the rain subsided, Djokovic sat down on a bench as a ball boy stood behind him with an umbrella over Djokovic.

Noticing the boy, Djokovic immediately called him over and asked him to sit beside him. Surprised, the ball boy sat down and they began to chat. Seconds later, Djokovic took the umbrella from the ball boy and gave him his racket to hold.

Imagine! Getting to hold the racket of one of the world’s best tennis players!

Later, Djokovic offered the ball boy a Perrier, which the boy accepted gratefully. The two new found friends said “Cheers” to each other and shared a drink – amidst much applause from the excited crowd.

The video, slightly less than two minutes long, immediately went viral and is approaching two million views, a day after it was uploaded.

By the way, Novak Djokovic went on to win the match, and the ball boy might have had a sleepless night for sure!

[Image via YouTube]

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