‘Watch Dogs’ Companion App Is Free, And You Won’t Believe What You Can Do With It

The Watch Dogs companion app is out today for Android and iOS devices, and it’s free. Ubisoft is letting mobile gamers play without spending a penny, which could make the world of the console game a lot more interesting if you have plenty of friends who own it.

Normal Watch Dogs gameplay revolves around Aiden Pearce, a man who used to sidestep the law through the use of technology that rivals the NSA. However, his lifestyle caught up with him when someone discovered he’d messed with them. They couldn’t find Pearce, but they ran into his niece and killed her instead. From that day forward, our antihero decided to go after whoever killed her and use a special phone capable of hacking into the ctOS to find them and avenge her death. His path isn’t easy, since the city is full of people he doesn’t know if he can trust.

Of course with the Watch Dogs companion app, you’ll have more than just other people to be paranoid about. The ctOS mobile game (called Watch Dogs Companion: ctOS) allows you to access the network and mess with the console gamer.

The free app has two modes: Race, and Free Ride. Both of them have the mobile gamer attempting to stop the console gamer as they drive from one point to the next, setting up roadblocks, activating explosions, and even attacking them from a helicopter.

Race mode gives the console gamer less distance to travel, and turns on their GPS so they know where to go. Free Ride gives the console gamer more distance, but turns off their GPS. The player wins if they reach all of the checkpoints in time. Each checkpoint reached adds more time to their goal, but the mobile gamer can turn the city against them and make it take too long to reach the checkpoints.

It’s only fitting for a mobile app to be able to challenge the gamer with Watch Dogs gameplay being all about hacking with a mobile device. The Watch Dogs companion app simply takes it to the next level.

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