Half Sisters, Aged 94 And 85, Meet For The First Time!

Memorial Day is an occasion for most families to reminisce about their lost loved ones. However, for two ladies, both in the twilight of their lives, it was a moment of joy and reunion after finding out that they were long lost half-sisters.

According to News On6, 94-year-old Reta Knight and 85-year-old Zelda Gates thought they had seen it all, until it was recently revealed to them that each had a half-sister that she did not know existed. All their lives, they had no idea that they had an unknown relative.

The existence of a half-sister was revealed to Zelda Gates when her father’s will was read out to her by her family. It came as a shock to her and her brothers, who had no idea that their father had children from another marriage. Attempts were then made to locate Zelda’s half-sister, who was nine years elder to her.

They were looking for Reta Knight, who was left by her father at a very young age and had not seen him once and never knew him. She said she always wondered why her father did not try to locate her. Even her mother was evasive whenever she asked questions about her father. To this day, she doesn’t know what happened between them, what caused them to separate.

Meanwhile, the younger members of Zelda Gates’ family started researching using genealogy websites, photographs and other resources online. They finally homed in on Reta Knight, who they identified as Zelda’s half-sister.

Months later, the two finally met and talked and talked. After all, being separated for over eight decades the half-sisters sure did have a lot of catching up to do.

“I think it’s wonderful, and we look so much alike, it’s unbelievable,” Gates said.

Family members of both Zelda and Reta are excited have a whole new branch of extended family joining them. The two half-sisters are still separated by a considerable distance, one lives in Jenks, Oklahoma, while the other resides in Kansas City. But they have vowed to keep visiting each other more often.

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