Dog Walker Leaves Six Pets In Hot Truck: Animals Die, Owners Told They Were Stolen

Pets and extreme temperatures don’t mix. A dog walker is the last person anyone would imagine being a part of this sad story. A heartbreaking event out of Canada occurred on May 13 in Langley when dog walker Emma Paulsen left six dogs in her parked truck for 45 minutes, only to find them dead upon her return.

In a state of panic, Paulsen lied to authorities about what happened — claiming the dogs were stolen while she went to use the bathroom for 10 minutes.

Investigators conducted a week-long search that led nowhere. Paulsen admitted to authorities that the dogs died in her truck — including one of her own. She now faces a fine of $75,000 or two years in prison.

Paulsen earlier walked the dogs at a park in Brookswood, British Columbia, prior to reporting the dogs stolen. She dumped their bodies in a nearby ditch and concocted the elaborate story.

The BC SPCA is leading the investigation and wants authorities to pursue animal cruelty charges.

Alesha and Al MacLellan of Petsearchers Canada say:

“Emma disclosed that all six dogs were in the back of her vehicle with the side vent windows open and water available, as she had done hundreds of times.”

The Province details what some of the owners have to say about the loss of their beloved dogs. Louise Scott, 80, lost her dog, Molly, of four years in the tragic incident. She says:

“They said they’re all dead. I’m too upset to say anything. And I’m very, very mad. Angry is the word.”

Eric Ortner and Jennifer Myers’ dog, Buddy, died; he would have been 2 years old. Ortner declined an interview because he was too distraught, but he did says this:

“It’s been a hell of a crazy week and to have it end like this….”

SPCA spokeswoman Lorie Chortyk issued this statement following the death of the six dogs:

“Each year we attend hundreds of calls to rescue dogs in distress in hot cars. Animals can suffer brain damage and death in as little as 10 minutes in a hot car, even with windows left open. The SPCA issues this warning repeatedly in warm weather in the hopes of averting such tragedies but sadly, we still continue to see animals left in hot cars.”

Animals require adequate temperatures to survive in besides having food and water. An Inquisitr article about a dog that survived six days in a car without food and water is a miraculous story with a good ending.

Owners of the deceased animals are doing their best to cope with their deaths. This isn’t a very comforting headline for pet owners or other conscientious dog walkers. Hopefully this will bring yet more awareness about not leaving pets inside hot cars.

[Image Petsearchers via BBC]

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