Pharrell Williams Launches New Unisex Fragrance Line

Pharrell Williams is the latest celebrity to put together a pricey fragrance line. Instead of focusing on just one gender, the singer assembled a product that should work well with both ladies and gentlemen.

If you’re operating within the world of pop music, it’s always a good idea to branch out into other areas. After all, fans are almost always willing to spend extra cash on something with their favorite singer’s name attached to it. Since just about everyone with a hit record is releasing fragrances these days, Pharrell decided to construct a scent of his very own.

To sell as many bottles as humanly possible, Pharrell Williams launched a fragrance that appeals to both men and women. Although the line is called “Girl,” that doesn’t necessarily mean guys can’t rock the scent before heading out for an evening at the clubs.

Check out the bottle below.

According to the folks at Bustle, it’s easy to understand why Pharrell Williams would want to get into the fragrance game. The website reports that celebrity-oriented smell-goods are a $1.3 billion a year industry, which means there’s definitely all sorts of money up for grabs. Since people love Pharrell, it’s not altogether surprising that he would want to capitalize on his seemingly endless popularity.

Since Williams can’t simply walk into a store and start selling his product to everyone who happens by, the singer joined forces with Commes des Garcons. In fact, Pharrell said it was the company’s idea to make the fragrance for both men and women. Of course, whether guys will buy something called “Girl” for themselves is another matter altogether.

“There should be no lines — I learned that from Comme des Garçons. Hence, Girl — for girls and boys. We just found another way to say unisex,” Williams explained.

If you’re hoping to team up with the singer for a product, then you might want to make sure that you’re a master at the game. According to Women’s Wear Daily, the guy doesn’t plan to waste his time with amateurs.

Williams explained during a press conference:

“When I do a collaboration with brands, I do them with notable masters, so that I can experience the true purpose of collaboration, which is to learn. So I only work with masters. We had the best nose in Paris, I was working with the best brand — Comme des Garçons is your favorite designer’s favorite brand — so there was not much of a struggle, because I was working with the masters of the artistic universe.”

Pharrell Williams and Commes des Garcons are peddling the new fragrance for $135 for a 100 ml bottle. A 10 ml travel-size bottle will run you $30.

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