RIM Preparing To Launch BBM Music Platform [Rumor]

Research In Motion, makers of the Blackberry line of devices is rumored to be preparing a new social music platform called BBM Music.

According to tipsters at Blackberrysync the BBM Music platform is a service that will allow BlackBerry users to share music and their full playlists with their friends, although how the program will work is still not known, although it is expected to be heavily integrated with BlackBerry Messenger which is where the “BBM” name is believed to derive.

News of the new offering comes the same week as reports that Blackberry will launch an Apple TV competitor that is also expected to offer top notch enterprise connectivity support.

If this new rumor is true and a Blackberry TV product arrives in 2011 it could signal a new focus for the company which would add more “consumer friendly” products to their line of enterprise devices and email software.

Would you be willing to give BBM Music a try? With millions of BBM users it could be a big hit for the company if they integrate it in a way that users find appealing.

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