Britney Spears Surprises Bride With Backstage Passes To Her Las Vegas Show

Britney Spears gave one newlywed bride a gift to remember!

As if Stephanie Huntington’s wedding surprise wasn’t awesome enough, the resulting gift from the pop star herself just pushed it over the top!

Stephanie first made news last month after a video of a special wedding toast went viral. What was so special about the man of honor’s toast to the bride? It was a professionally choreographed performance of Britney Spears’ hit 2013 song, “Work B**ch”.

“We all know that marriage takes love and care, but marriage also takes a lot of work,” Bradley Bredeweg, of Pasadena, California, told his best friend Stephanie when he began what seemed to be an average wedding toast.

According to the Daily Mail, Bradley, the man of honor, has been a longtime close friend of Stephanie, and during the speech, he makes reference to Britney Spears, mentioning that the pop star’s songs have been a soundtrack to their lives. That was a small hint of what was to come. Bradley then continued on with his wedding toast, finally saying “You better work b**c,h” which finally tipped the bride off as to what was about to happen.

At that point the hit song began playing and the dancers got into place. To say the bride was shocked would be an understatement. According to ABC Good Morning America, Stephanie wasn’t expecting it, but was thrilled none-the-less.

“They just busted out in the dance and I was floored,” Huntington, 35, said of the surprise. “I was just blown away the whole time. I was so shocked and so surprised. It was just so much fun.”

So how did the man of honor pull off this amazing wedding surprise? Bradley reportedly contacted Chris Downey of Asher Entertainment, and organized the whole thing.

“The bride thought they were employees of the venue, so no one knew a bunch of professional dancers were there. This is honestly the best gift you can give someone at a wedding. She freaked out.”

So what could top this wedding performance? Why, a response from the pop princess herself of course! Britney Spears caught wind of the amazing wedding toast, and after she watched the video for herself, Britney posted a tweet in response:

Everyone loves getting that rare tweet from their celebrity idols, but this story just gets better. According to TMZ, Stephanie was contacted by Britney Spears’ manager and was gifted with three backstage passes to meet the pop star in Vegas! Now if that isn’t a special wedding gift for a Britney fan, I’m not sure what is!

So who got to meet the pop princess? Stephanie of course, who then picked her man of honor and best friend, Bradley. Of course she couldn’t forget the man behind all the magic, so she brought along choreographer Chris Downey. Looks like the bride’s wedding day wasn’t the only day to remember!

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