‘H1Z1’ Screen Shots And Details Shed More Light On How Zombies Hunt

H1Z1 is the latest in a flood of Zombie survival games that are gaining more popularity every day. H1Z1 has managed to set itself apart because of what players will be required to do just to stay alive in a dark and dangerous world.

Now, a new set of screenshots sheds a little more light on that world for those who haven’t seen H1Z1 first hand. Along with those screenshots comes some new details about how the zombie enemies are going to act as they attempt to rend the player limb from limb.

The new screens for H1Z1 show players taking on the demon horde in a variety of ways and one thing seems to be consistent; H1Z1 will be that much more dangerous when the sun goes down. Gameranx reports that hiding in the dark isn’t going to be an option in H1Z1.

Developers have confirmed to Gameranx that the zombies will be able to sense your movements and will keep coming, even in pitch black. This poses a real problem for players, considering they may not be able to see the zombies.

This little feature may allow H1Z1 to answer the ages old question, “How are zombie that dangerous, as long as you can run away from them?” If you can’t see the zombies in H1Z1, then you won’t know they’re about to get you until they are on top of you.

H1Z1 is still in early access on Steam and that means there is quite a bit of work to do yet before the full release. That also means that the way H1Z1 plays could change before it officially hits the streets.

The screenshots, released at a trickle over the last few weeks, show just how H1Z1 is trying to set itself apart from other zombie games that are already out on the market. H1Z1 is not just another clone of The Walking Dead, which is much more story driven.

There is certainly some story to be had in H1Z1 as the screens show, but survival and crafting are the name of the game with this title. This new detail about the lack of the ability to hide from the zombies simply by slipping into the shadows will make the survival aspect of H1Z1 much more difficult.

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