‘Destiny’ Gameplay And Beta, A Look At Some Of The Weapons

Some Destiny gameplay hints may have been revealed in screen grabs, with one definitely named weapon included. Often enough, small details like this can tell you a lot about how the game plays before you even get a chance for a hands-on experience.

For those gamers waiting for the opportunity to actually play the game early, another screen grab indicated when the alpha is being released. Even though the alpha has been confirmed for employees only, we could use the alpha release date to make a more solid guess for when the Destiny beta will be released for invited members of the public. Industry insiders will get a glimpse of Destiny multiplayer at E3 2014, so we can probably expect a full update in a few weeks.

Bungie is planning to give Sony priority with access to Destiny gameplay. The alpha is planned for release on June 3, but early pre-orders will give gamers the option to get in on the Destiny beta launch. The Destiny release date itself is still unknown, but we can probably plan on it hitting retail a little ahead of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This means the beta may launch in possibly July or August, but we’re only guessing.

Now what can we expect from the game itself? According to screen grabs and the confirmed name of a gun, we can deduct our first clues. Community manager David Dague revealed some art featuring an enemy unit carrying a weapon he called the Thorn. It’s a common factor in shooters for any weapon the enemy carries to be picked up and equipped by the player, so let’s take a look at what the Thorn might do.

Keep in mind that this is all speculation based on the name and look of the weapons in the pictures.

In the real world, a thorn is something that sticks in the skin at times and might carry poisonous properties. A gun called a thorn might use ammunition with a lasting effect of draining the target’s health until it’s removed with a health kit. From its appearance, the Thorn could be one of the most feared early weapons in Destiny gameplay.

Another weapon which has gone unnamed so far is one that hangs from the belt of one of the heroes. It looks a lot like a nightstick, so it may have melee implications with an explosive impact. We are not expecting anything in Destiny to be ordinary, especially after Perfect Dark set the bar for sci-fi shooters everywhere. The images mentioned can be seen by clicking here.

Are you planning to pre-order the game for a chance to get in on the Destiny beta gameplay?

[image via gameskinny]

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