Ashton Kutcher Rescues Stranded Hikers: Star Rushes To Assist Group In The Hollywood Hills

Ashton Kutcher makes news mostly for his relationship with Mila Kunis as of late, but on Saturday he made headlines for a very different reason. The actor saw a group of stranded hikers in the Hollywood Hills who were trying to wave someone down for help. Ashton noticed the commotion and stopped, asking them what how he could help. They informed him their car battery died while they hiking. According to TMZ, Kutcher took it upon himself to help the stranded motorist and the group of hikers after he dropped off the passenger in his car. The group believes Mila was in the vehicle with Kutcher.

Kutcher kept his word, returning to help the group jump start their car. Someone in the gang has a hilarious video for life because footage of the incident shows how funny Kutcher is off-screen. He’s comfortable offering mechanical assistance, but mild frustration emerges in the video when he’s unable to locate the battery in HIS own car. As the report states, the battery in Ashton’s vehicle is located in the trunk.

The Two and a Half Men star is heard laughing in the video, saying:

“I’ve never f****ing not been able to find a battery in a car.”

TVNZ News is one of the only other celebrity sites that has caught onto this story so far— noting the actor’s comment in the video as quoted above. Other men are heard talking to Ashton as he searches and searches for the battery. A lot of bleeps are added to the footage due to strong language among them during the conversation. It sounds like a typical mechanical discussion, just with a bit more humor and a Hollywood celebrity added to the mix.

Fans love hearing stories about stars like this doing good deeds for others. Ashton definitely made an impression by pulling over to offer his assistance. While it’s hard ignoring someone on the side of a road pleading for your help, an A-list star is one of the last people many believe who’d be willing to pull over.

The Inquisitr keeps up with Ashton Kutcher news, with one of many about he and Mila Kunis expecting their first baby. A few weeks ago Ashton was talked about again when reports came out he informed Demi Moore first of Mila’s pregnancy before the media revealed it. A source said he felt it was only right that Demi learned of the news from him personally.

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