Nicole Kidman: No Acting Careers For Her Kids

Nicole Kidman knows something about the brutal nature of the acting business. The 46-year-old made her movie debut at the age of 16. Since then, she’s had two public marriages and professional highs and lows. Career highlights include a Golden Globe and Oscar. Criticism includes the recent negative reviews of her Grace Kelly biopic and scrutiny over her personal appearance.

Nicole doesn’t want to watch her kids go through the same thing. She told The Telegraph:

“I think, as a parent, the last thing you want is your child to be an actor, because it’s a really tough existence. We’re always waiting for somebody to choose us and say, ‘I believe in you,’ and there are only certain people that can handle that.”

Kidman also stated her own parents were wary of her decision to become an actor. Her psychologist father and nurse mother thought she was too sensitive for the profession.

Despite the challenges, Kidman makes clear she doesn’t take in the reviews. Express quoted Nicole: “Criticism, good or bad, is something that comes with being an actor… You have to accept that but you don’t have to pay attention to it.”

Her protective instincts would not stop Kidman from supporting her children if they chose a career in entertainment.

Kidman has four children, two with ex-husband Tom Cruise and two with current love Keith Urban. Cruise and Kidman’s children are aged 21 and 17, and Urban and Kidman’s daughters are aged 5 and 3. Despite rumors the marriage is in trouble, Keith Urban told People last week he and Nicole cozy up to watch American Idol together.

“We always watch it together. It’s a delayed telecast out here [in Los Angeles], so we go home and watch it together. We get in our jammies and watch it. It’s a good look.”

Urban and Kidman married in 2005, and both call Australia home.

As for the Grace Kelly controversy, Nicole is defending her film. Responding to reports Monaco’s current monarch, Prince Albert II and his siblings — Grace Kelly’s children — don’t like the biopic, Nicole was diplomatic:

“Grace’s children haven’t seen the film and I think they have the wrong idea. It probably would dissipate a lot of the controversy if they did see it. And I’d be happy to meet them[.]”

Kidman went on to say the film gave her the opportunity to do something new: “I’d never played an iconic princess and being here in the south of France was a beautiful place to exist for six months.”

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