Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fights Rapper T.I. In Las Vegas Fatburger, Caught On Shocking Video

Floyd Mayweather Jr., the undefeated world pound-for-pound boxing champion, wasn’t scheduled to have his next fight until September against an opponent yet to be determined. But according to eyewitness reports, Mayweather got in a little impromptu tune-up on Saturday night when he brawled with Atlanta-based hip-hop star, actor, and novelist, T.I.

The site was not the ring at the MGM Grand, but instead, a local Fatburger fast food joint. Apparently, the normally hyper-disciplined Floyd Mayweather is not yet in training for his September bout as he indulged in the tasty but high-calorie offerings from the west-coast burger chain.

In any event, the altercation reportedly began in a Las Vegas casino, though even the dirt-digging site TMZ, which first reported the brawl, could not determine what set off the conflict between the 37-year-old, five-division boxing champ and the 33-year-old “I’m Serious” rapper, whose real name is Clifford Harris. Some accounts suggest that Mayweather was somehow taunted or provoked by the rapper’s wife, Tameka aka “Tiny.”

In the video below, Floyd Mayweather can be heard inside the casino while surrounded by bodyguards, yelling at T.I., “Control your b****, m*****f*****!”

The two rival entourages then moved separately to a Fatburger fast-food restaurant.

In the Fatburger, Mayweather was reportedly chowing down on the restaurant’s offerings when the 5’8? rapper approached the table occupied by the boxing champ, who is also 5’8?, and threw a punch at him. What happened next is also captured on the video below, and involved chairs being hurled across the Fatburger, which unlike many fast food joints, apparently does not bolt its furniture to the floor.

While the precipitating incident of the entire confrontation is not known, perhaps T.I. is simply envious of the wealth accumulated by Floyd Mayweather Jr. The boxing champ’s $200 million net worth dwarfs the $50 million reportedly accrued by T.I.

Or maybe T.I. belittled the fact that Mayweather has served fewer jail sentences that he has. Mayweather served a 90-day sentence on domestic violence charges in 2012, though he earlier received three suspended sentences on similar charges.

T.I. has served two county jail terms on probation violations and an 11-month federal prison sentence on weapons charges.

Floyd Mayweather is next scheduled to fight in the ring on September 13, a bout fight fans hope will finally see Mayweather pitted against Manny Pacquiao.

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