Trent Reznor: “Don’t Buy Pretty Hate Machine Reissue!”

Ah, “Pretty Hate Machine,” the soundtrack of early high school breakups.

Twenty-two (!!) years after its 1989 release, the epic debut album of Trent Reznor’s Nine Inch Nails is being rereleased, but Reznor has warned fans the new version is not worthy of repurchase. The musician took to Twitter to alert his followers that the album was coming out again, but that there was no new material on the reissue and that none of the tracks had been remastered.

On the microblogging service, Reznor tweets:

NIN fans, don’t waste your money on this version of PHM that was just released:

He adds:

… a record label bullshit move repackaging the old version. Ignore please.

If your cassette version of Pretty Hate Machine is getting pretty worn down from replay or coming unraveled in your backpack, the album was remastered last year and released in November. Reznor stated plans earlier this year to release new NIN material at some point soon.

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