This Thought Provoking Video Wants To Change The Way You See Domestic Violence

The term domestic violence immediately brings to our minds the images of bruised and battered women who are usually abused by men – physically and mentally. The overall perception seems to be that only the fairer sex is affected and are victims of domestic violence. An organization is however trying hard to change that flawed perception.

And they are using this thought provoking video to put across their point. The video was posted recently to YouTube and is gradually going viral.

The video showcases two scenarios where a couple is seen fighting – in public. In the first instance, the woman is abused by the man and as soon as it started to get physical and the man attempts to assault the woman, bystanders start to get involved and warn him. Some even appear to make calls to the police.

In the second part, the exact scenario is repeated – with the roles reversed. In this case, the woman is the one that assaults the man and threatens him. Bystanders however chose not to interfere. Many of them are seen giggling, in fact. Perhaps at the weakness of the man who is unable to defend himself from a woman.

The organization behind the video is the ManKind Initiative which in their own words is a UK based “national charity that provides help and support for male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence.” As the name suggests, it is a men-centric organization that aims to support men who suffer from domestic violence.

The ManKind Charity says it does not believe in the gendered approach to domestic violence and wants to ensure that all victims of domestic violence are treated equally, irrespective of their gender.

Do you think the organization was successful in putting their point across about domestic violence with this video?

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