Alexa Vega: ‘Spy Kids’ Actress Completes Transformation From Child Star To Leading Lady

Alexa Vega was once known as the young actress anchoring the family friendly Spy Kids series, but now, she has reinvented herself as a bombshell action star and leading lady in Hollywood.

Vega appeared in her first movie, Little Giants, when she was just 7. From there, she appeared in a series of family friendly movies until her breakthrough in Spy Kids in 2001. In the movie, she played a pint-sized action star thrown into service of the U.S. government along with her little brother.

As she aged, Alexa Vega took on more age-appropriate projects. In 2009, she starred in the movie Innocent as a young woman kidnapped in Chicago. The movie was shot in one continuous take, earning some critical interest, but not at the box office.

It would be three more years before Vega made her full transformation to sexy action star. In 2013, she starred in the action movie Grindhouse, and she has an upcoming role in the movie Sin City: A Dame to Kill For that looks to show off more of her transformation.

Alexa Vega has more in the works. She has four projects in various stages of production and recently got a big pickup for her indie thriller 2br/1ba. The movie just got a distribution deal from Grindstone Entertainment and Lionsgate.

The film’s synopsis reads:

“Janie(Vega), is a troubled young woman who is balancing a move to a new city, no friends, and finding the funds to cover tuition after acceptance into an ivy league graduate program. She finds an affordable room for rent from a wealthy and lonely socialite, Dee (Grammer). While living together Dee discovers Janie has been hurting financially and is willing to do just about anything to get the funds she needs to pay her tuition, including selling her eggs for a quick wad of cash. Dee turns up the manipulation and catty tactics to an ultimate battle of “brains vs. beauty” with flying kitchen appliances, flying ice skates and unleashed pet snakes. The slow simmer of hatred between the girls comes to a full on boil in a fun, dark, and at times comedic series of barbaric acts.”

As she works her way from indie movies and ultra-violent thrillers, Alexa Vega has also grown in her personal life. She recently tied the knot with Big Time Rush singer Carlos Pena, Jr in an intimate ceremony in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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