Jon Favreau Interviews Olivia Wilde for ‘Cowboys & Aliens’

Last week, Director Jon Favreau continued his unconventional promotional campaign for Cowboys & Aliens by sitting down with actress Olivia Wilde for a heart-to-heart.

In the pow-wow, Favreau, who has been doing candid interviews of people involved with his upcoming film – due out on July 29th – for the past couple of weeks, talks with Wilde about horse-riding accidents on set, her recent work in Haiti, and her feelings on playing a lead role in Tron: Legacy.

The atypical, intimate, one-on-ones that Favreau has adopted, in lieu of your ordinary “behind-the-scenes videos” that most studios put out out prior to a release, are quite comical at times and definitely a needed break from the norm. The one complaint I do have ,however, is the broken-up format in which he releases them in.

Previous interviewees include producers Steven Speilberg, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and C&A co-star, Harrison Ford. If you missed either of those conversations, I highly suggest you check them out on Huffington Post.

Without further ado, we present you with the first of the five Favreau/Wilde interview clips. To catch the rest head over to Huffington.

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