Pancake Printer Adds Artistic Mechanical Ingenuity To Breakfast [VIDEO]

Before the hipsters get their grubby hands on this, an inventor unveiled an open-source pancake printer for the delicious entertainment of breakfast aficionados! This will definitely help people who usually skip breakfast because they don’t like it partake in the most important meal of the day. Add this ingenuity to the increased breakfast options people now have, along with the Taco Bell breakfast menu!

Project PancakeBot is the name given to this dynamic breakfast endeavor. Straight from the website’s “About Me” section, the reason for the pancake printer is as stated:

“In the fall of 2010 Miguel Valenzuela was reading an article in Make Magazine Volume 2 named ‘Blockheads’ by Bob Parks. In the article, it talked about a British designer named Adrian Marshall who created a scale model of a Pancake Stamping Machine out of LEGO for one of his clients. Miguel told his oldest daughter Lily about the article and Lily turned to her sister and said, ‘Maia! Papa is going to build a pancake machine out of LEGO. And of course, when a 3-year-old tells you to build a pancake machine out of LEGO, you better deliver. Over the next 6 months Miguel tinkered and bricked with different design concepts and eventually came up with version 1 of PancakeBot. He published it on YouTube for some friends and family to see and the video went viral, being featured in Make Magazine, Wired and PC magazine.”

In short, Project PancakeBot was born out of a father’s love for his daughter and it eventually gained enough compound interest among the tech junkies. According to an article by IGN, Project PancakeBot aims to help inspire kids to create and have fun with their food, as well as develop interests in engineering, programming, and food manufacturing. The LEGO version will easily appeal to kids since the toys are designed to inspire creativity in children.

The latest build of the PancakeBot was showcased at the Bay Area Maker Fair on May 17. As shown in the awesome demonstration above, the PancakeBot made a pancake version of the Eiffel Tower. If children are entertained by a pancake in the shapes of hearts, teddy bears, and stars, imagine what a pancake in the design of cars, buildings, or even people will do for them.

Unfortunately, the super-sleek, tech-sexy version of the updated pancake printer is not for sale at this time. However, the official website (linked above) does provide instructions on how someone can build their own at home. If any of you readers decide to take on this pancake endeavor, please share what pancake designs you cooked in the comments below.

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