Petals On The Wind: Stars And Fans Excited For TV Debut

As excitement heats up for the airing of Petals On The Wind on Lifetime this Monday, V.C. Andrews fans are rehashing their pleasure with the first movie, Flowers In The Attic, hoping that Petals will follow as closely to the second book in the series. The sequel was announced in January, before Flowers even aired.

The actors are sharing in the excitement, too – even those who won’t appear in this movie. According to Entertainment Weekly, Mason Dye, who played Christopher in Flowers In The Attic, isn’t returning for Petals On The Wind, but still tweeted a ThrowBack Thursday image of himself with Maxwell Kovach on the set of Flowers, which aired in January. (IMDB lists Wyatt Nash for the role of Christopher, instead.)

Some who have had the privilege of previewing the film have offered reviews with somewhat negative opinions, such as Variety‘s description, calling the sequel “manic and sudsy.” However, those who are familiar with Andrews’ writing will recognize it in the rest of Variety‘s review, which tells us to expect domestic abuse, pregnancy, and marriage proposals, among other things. In the book series, this is the story in which the children are scattered, like, as Cathy terms it, petals on the wind. The relationship between the two eldest siblings becomes strained, as Christopher continues to be obsessed with his sister, and Cathy turns her own obsessive tendencies toward her mother and grandmother. If Lifetime‘s teaser tweets are any indication, V. C. Andrews fans can expect to see Petals follow the book nicely in that respect.

Ellen Burstyn, who plays the grandmother, Olivia Foxworth, in both Flowers In The Attic and Petals On The Wind, has also expressed opinions about the series, calling the writing terrible, yet admitting that she simply couldn’t put it down. In that, she echoes the sentiment of many secret fans. In a brief interview, she gives us some peeks at what we can expect in the sequel, and tells us what she thinks the appeal of the series is.

If it’s true that incest appeals to the animal nature of our primate brains, there’s no question the rest of the series of novels, if also made into movies, will keep us captivated.

Will you be watching Petals On The Wind on Monday? Share your thoughts about why the series appeals in the comments below!

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